Black Iron Dining Table

black iron dining table

black iron dining table - Black &

Black & Decker AS75 Quickpress Iron with Variable Steam and Nonstick Soleplate

Black & Decker AS75 Quickpress Iron with Variable Steam and Nonstick Soleplate

Get exactly the right amount of steam the way you like it with 1200 watts of power and variable steam control that works for ironing on the board or for vertical steaming. The nonstick soleplate glides easily over your fabric, while steam surge and spray mist let you blast out tougher wrinkles. All this, plus a handy range of features like a translucent water tank, handy fabric guide and temperature ready light

The power tool pros at Black & Decker venture into the household utility room, lending their expertise to creating functional and dynamic irons for garment care. The Quick Press Iron replaces the S530 model for efficient steam pressing for a range of fabrics. Lightweight, the 1200-watt iron endears itself to users with its soft grip for ergonomic comfort while pressing.
The steam iron features a nonstick soleplate that applies even heat to fabrics while sliding with ease. The iron offers variable steam patterns, including spray mist and steam surge, for effective wrinkle removal. For filling the tank with water, the iron comes with a pouring cup. With a pivoting cord, users maneuver the iron freely. To clean the soleplate, wipe the warm surface gently with a soft cloth and white vinegar, then wipe the vinegar and starch build-up away with a clean damp cloth. Do not use steel wool on the soleplate to protect its nonstick coating. As with any electrical appliance, read the enclosed warnings and safety guidelines prior to use. The iron weighs 3 pounds upon shipping. --Jessica Reuling

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The extra head from my Frank the Bunny (Donnie Darko) figure.

While packing my stuff, I suddenly realised something.

I have no furniture to take with me.

And the flat is unfurnished.

Which means I need to get some stuff. An armchair and a bed for starters. I need an armchair so that I have a place to park my butt when I read and for something the television to point at.

As for the bed, I would like to get one of those old wrought iron ones. The kind you find in old houses. The kind thats big and black. The kind you see people having DirtyKinkySex in. Not that I plan to have DirtyKinkySex. The last time I even came close to having DirtyKinkySex was when I accidentally wet myself while doing a self-examination with a vaginal speculum. And before I had a shower.

So, its off to the car boots sales in the coming weekends. I already managed to get a dining table via my Ex. Perhaps even a few bookshelves.

So until I sort some decent shelving, all my toys will have to remain in their boxes.

Not to mention my clothes ...

I must admit, its going to be a very interesting time for me. Picking myself up from such a move. After all, I have been here at this place for almost 5 years and about a decade in this town. So a complete relocation would be quite challenging.

I will of course need to look for a job when I get there. That would, in itself be quite interesting as all I can forsee myself doing is some sort of shelf-stacking or, waitressing. I don't really mind having jobs like that actually as I am way past hoping that my legal qualifications will in any way be beneficial to me. Besides, being me doesn't allow me the luxury of finding something I would really like to do. Its more like taking whatever I can get. Its more a question of survival now rather than happiness.

That is not to say that happiness will allude me. I am hoping that it will come when I have sorted myself out. And this is the only way I can think of doing it. A fresh start.

But look on the bright side, with all that space thats now available to me in the new flat, at least I can now take some really arty photos no?

Dublin, Co. Dublin - Ireland

Dublin, Co. Dublin - Ireland

Wellington Testimonial in Phoenix Park.

It was built to commemorate the victories of Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington. Wellington, a member of the Anglo-Irish upper class, also known as the 'Iron Duke', was born in Dublin. Originally planned to be located in Merrion Square, it was built in the Phoenix Park after opposition from the square's residents.

The Testimonial was designed by the architect Sir Robert Smirke and the foundation stone was laid in 1817. However, in 1820 it ran short of its construction costs and therefore remained unfinished until 18 June 1861 when it was opened to the public. There were also plans for a statue of Wellesley on horseback but the shortage of funds ruled that out.

A Dublin legend suggests that a fund-raising dinner was held in the vault under the pillar in 1820, after which the vault was sealed up, leaving the dining tables and chairs behind. Several weeks later it was noticed that a butler had not been seen since the dinner, and it was assumed that he had drunk too much wine and remained unconscious and unnoticed behind a screen while the room was being sealed.

black iron dining table

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